Jupeb Courses Combination For Each Courses

JUPEB Courses Combination for Medicine

The subjects combination of medicine will be: Biology, Chemistry and Physics plus GNS

JUPEB Courses Combination for Law

The subjects combination for Law during JUPEB programme shall be. CRS, Government, Literature in English and GNS

JUPEB subject combination for Business Administration

The subjects combination for the Bus. Admin during the programme is. Business Management, Accounting, Economics and GNS.

JUPEB subject combination for Engineering

For Engineering, the subject combination should definitely be Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and GNS.

JUPEB Courses And Subject Combination

The following Subject Combinations are available:

1.Arts– Government / Literature in English / c.r.s–  History / Literature / Christian Religious Studies– Economics, Government / Literature in English
2.Education– All the combinations in 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8.
3.Management / Social Sciences– Economics / Government / Mathematics– Mathematics / Geography / Economics– Accounting / Economics / Business studies
4.Law– Government / Literature in English / c.r.s
5.Life Sciences– Biology / Chemistry / Physics
6.Physical Sciences– Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics– Geography / Mathematics / Physics
7.Medicine/ Dentistry /Pharmacy / Nursing– Biology / Chemistry / Physics
8.Engineering– Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics
JUPEB subjects combination

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