5 Ways to make $500 dollars fast without a job

5 Ways to make $500 dollars fast without a job

Perhaps you’re short on cash, and you’re looking for ways to make quick money online or you need urgent cash to pay for bills, then you must be thinking is there’s a way to make money fast without having a job. Well, the good news is, there’s a way, but you’ll need to put in a little work to achieve this.

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you the best ways to earn up to $500 United States dollar, without having a job. Believe me, $500 daily in Nigeria is good money to have considering the dollar to naira black market exchange rate today. These methods are easy to achieve and can earn you even more if you become proficient in it. Continue reading if you want to find out more.


How to Make $500 Dollars Fast

There are many gigs that can help you earn up to $500 in less than a week if you’re willing to work hard for it. We’ve outlined some of the best ways to earn up to $500 dollars or more in this post. Select the one that best suits you and start earning today.

1.    Rent Out Your Spare Room 

If you have a spare bedroom in your apartment, then you can make some money by renting it out on websites like Airbnb and Vrbo, and make some quick cash.

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You can choose to rent out the entire apartment or house, if you’re going out on a short term for a vacation or business trip.

Depending on the location of your apartment, you can make up to $500 dollars or more per month when you rent out your apartment. You could even make up to a $1000 dollars if the apartment is big enough or you’re renting the entire house.

2.    Do Some Freelance Work Online

One of the best way to earn money fast is through freelance work. You can earn quite a lot when you offer your services to clients in need of urgent work. So if you have marketable skills like graphic designs, web design, social media marketing, digital marketing, and other skills, you can pick up some freelance work and earn money.

Simply create an account on freelance job websites and apply for the numerous job postings on the website. You can register on Upwork, LinkedIn, Indeed, PeoplePerHour, Romotejobs, Outsourcely, Fiverr etc.

These sites will bring thousands of clients in need of freelance services to their platform, and you can get a freelance job when you apply.

3.    Become a Virtual Assistant

Another way to earn $500 fast is by becoming a virtual assistant. There are tons services you can offer to clients as a virtual assistant, they include content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, and many more.

A typical virtual assistant can earn up to $35 – $50 per hour depending on the skills set, experience and area of expertise. Get a good skill that can earn you more money and apply as a virtual assistant today. Here are some of the best places to virtual assistant jobs online;

  • Boldly
  • Zirtual
  • Fancy Hands
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr
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Becoming a virtual assistant can help to earn $500 dollars fast.

4.    Online Writing Jobs

Another way to make fast money is via online writing jobs. If you’re good in writing and research, then you can try out your skills in blog writing, article writing, and copywriting for various blog sites and web pages.

There are numerous job postings for writers. You can earn up to $500 or more from writing. Writing jobs could earn you thousands of dollars if you become proficient in it. You can start be creating a professional account on various platforms to be able to land a writing job.

There are so many freelance writing jobs on Nigeria. Also, platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, Indeed, Remotejobs, etc., can help you land various writing jobs online.

5.    Sell Things You Do Not Use Anymore 

The fastest way to earn $500 dollars is to sell your stuffs. If you’re in need of urgent cash, then you may want to sell the things lying around your house that you no longer make use of. It could be your clothes, shoes, books, CDs, DVDs, video games, collectibles, TVs, toys, smartphone, bikes, etc. You can sell just about anything and make some cash.

The internet has made it quite easy to sell stuffs online. Here are some of the best platforms you can use to sell your unwanted items and make money. You can sell on eBay, Amazon, jijji, and many other sites. All you need to do register, and upload a picture of what you intend to sell

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